24 March 2009

-- woosah.

One Last Love
I dont think you know, just how much I love you.

We have been through too much to give up on our friendship. Ive seen you cry, you've seen me cry. We've laughed, we've smoked and we've drunk. We have had our fights and we have had our great times.

I remember the first time I laid eyes on you. I thought
"I've gotta tap that shit"
And I set out to get to know you...
I added you on bebo, and we started talking from then. I got your number, and then we startetexting. I dont know why, or how but you ended up at my house.
I remember you were giving me shit about something while I was cooking, so I decided to burn it to get you back. You still ate it, but Im sure you hated it lol!
From then on, we started hanging out more and more. Every chance you could, you would come over and we would hangout and you started staying the night here so much! We were becoming best mates [:
By this time, last year, we were best friends and I could tell you anything. I could always go to you when I was down and you could do the same with me.
I dont really know what happened, maybs its cos you left school or maybs we just faded apart.. but slowly, it happened.

Now, we barely see eachother. I dont know if you think you are too cool or you just dont care anymore but, I hope you know how much losing you has hurt me. All then nights I've spent, crying when I think about our old times.. Texting you and waiting for your reply, that never comes.. Callling you, but no-ones home...

Everytime I see you makes me so happy, and the hardest part is seeing you walk away..

Just so you know, I will always be here for you. I will always love you.
And I promise you this.

-- 05678

You are a BABE!
Gosh, I dont know if I rubbed
off on you, or you rubbed off on me,
but all I know is you and me are
total BABES when we are together.
The * hot * voices and the lovely
facials we do, have just grown to
be part of our everyday lives. You
are so gorgeous my darling and I know
you know it! We have actually known eachother
fo' ages as now, but we have only been tight since
College, but Im glad we became better mates..I mean
better men [; I think you are someone who
I will be mates for life with, well I hope!
You are so sweet!
You are such a sweety, I never hear you
talk shit or bitch about anyone :o Apart from CERTAIN
scene kids -ahem DROPDEADKIDS- [;
You are such a good artist and I hear a very good
singer too! You are so pretty hun, and I hope you
know that. I am glad we are becoming better mates
cos I really like you and I hope you like me too!
You laugh so easily and it is always fun to be with you.
LuFf YeW HeApS [;
Your so scene [;
Haha kidding love, you are a straight
M-TOWN GANGSTER. You are such a
expert when it comes to pulling faces
and creeping me out over MSN. I miss seeing you
at school and in the weekends! You are
actually a really smart girl, and I sometimes
wonder why someone as switched on as you
makes so many silly choices, but its your life,
I aint gonna tell you how to live it! [:
I hope you stay safe and dont go forgetting
us Upper Hutt babes!
I love you already!
I know we havent hung out much but
the times we have, I have enjoyed alot [:
You are such a crack up
and you have such cool hair!
You take the babest pictures when your drunk and
you are always up for a good time!
I hope we become even better mates and
start hanging out alot more!

-- 01234.

Im in full on ily with you.
We have been friends for
like, soo many years, but only in
the last couple of years have we
become lovers [; I cant and dont
want to imagine life without you,
I have gotten to the point where
if I dont see you for more than a
week, Im near death :o You make
me laugh and lard so badly and
I hope we stay close friends fo' life!
You make me LMAO.
You are fully one of the most
talented people I know.
The things you can do with your
face, and the noises you can make,
are fully out of this world.
You freakin light up my life and give
me a reason to live. I have had so
many funny times with you and
I know there will be many more
to come! I love you so much, and remember,
CC but Amber Can [;
You are such a babe!
You are so bloody beautiful,
I hope you know that. You
are such an awesome singer and
a great screw, what more could I
want? You and me arent very close atm,
but I hope over the years we grow
to be more than just booty calls, and one
day even a civil union may be on the
cards [; You are such and alky and a
stoned keeent but i still love ya!
You are such a dork!
You say the silliest things sometimes,
and I know I can be pretty mean to
you but I know you still love me.
You are such a babe and Im only
joking when I say you have ADD!
I know we arent BFF's or anything,
but I still count you as one of my good as
mates and I think one day we will be
closer friends. We need to hangout more
fo' sho and def. do some more sleepovers.
Im sorry if I am a bitch to you, I dont try to be!
I know your just a very.. unique person [;

-- my other love.


the laughs, the photos and the stuff we just cant remember.
my life, would suck, without you (;
woah, like we were saying the other day, its almost been 3 years now . man, how time flys :o

i remember when we first met, back in year 9, we didnt know eachother, and if it wasnt for that night that you and amy came to stay, we might not of even got to know eachother! so thank god for that night :)

after that night, you prettymuch moved in here lol! we would stay up all night and then say we were gonna do something the next day, but we just ended up sleeping in until like 1pm, then we'd just end up doing nothing til nightime again haha!

we have had so many funny and great times together. and so many we cant even remember. i got you into so many dodgy things, but im sure you love me for it! [; haha.. we have gone away together, got wasted together and even had the police involved while we were together!

i can tell you anything, cos i know you wont judge me or go tell anyone and i always go to you with all my boy troubles! i hope you feel the same way about me (:

i just want to thank you so much for being my best friend over these years and putting up with all the bad things ive done and shared all the good times with me!

always remember,


-- for you.


my babe. my bub. my baby. my poos. my frogface. my gun man. my gunz. my it. my love. my hun. my pooface. my lagz. my pwetti. my guddaz.

What would I do without you?

we've been going out for almost 3 whole years now, and i must say.. i still love you like i did when we first met [:

you are a great friend, you always keep me busy whether its making me do your hair or asking for my advice, its always a challenge, but a good type of one.

you share my love for Saw movies and for "going to the hutt" and we are always laughing when we are together. we have been through heaps of stuff together, like going away, birthdays, xmas and all the good times (in the jeep) [;

i really love having you as a mate [:
i hope we stay best friends for ages and remember,


23 March 2009


Monday 23 March O9

Happy Birthday Whitnall [:

Today, was a good day.
Apart from it being like, -100 degrees. seriously!

Ive been thinkin heaps about gettin my lisence.. Im pretty keen aye, buh I've got a whole month & abit til my bday so.. I gotta waiiittt! Buh I've been readin abit about the road code & shit like that..

Thinking about This Weekend.

Theres no like, hardout plan or anythin. Jus think a group of us girls are going to movie in the park - ( does even know if its on ) Hope it is like, on!

Birthday soon, kinda ;)

Pretty keen as for the big 15.
Keen to have a party/drinks.
Meant to be having a joint party with Soph buh its turnin into be a big drama with her parents :/ So not too sure about it atm.

Im sure it will be sweet as thou!

Keen fo' ...

Hmm, that special boy? ;)
Lets jus see what happens there aiiggghhtt!


brrrrrrr --

Not too keen on the weather atm.
Its abit too freezing!

16 March 2009



the way you talk to me.
the way you act.
the way you are so ignorant to how i feel.
the way you call me "your" girl or "your" baby.
the way you forgot me.
the way you tell me you have feelings for me, you say im the only girl for you, the only girl you want, the only girl.

the only girl.


10 March 2009

weather --

Its so bizzare, how the weather can change your mood, in an instant.

When the sun is shining, and there is warmth in the air, it brings a smile to my face and makes me feel better about my day. The bright day and chirping birds gets me on a Summery high.

But when its a grey, stormy day and the cool air sends chills down my spine. As I watch the dark clouds and the raindrops drip down my windows, I feel sad and my smile dissapears.

But then, on the cloudy days, when there is an overcast and the weather can't really decide what its doing, it can be the best kind of weather. Its not too hot or too cold, and I can go outside and lose myself in the gusting wind and watch as the leaves fall from the trees.


9 March 2009

napier 08.

I love this photo (:
It reminds me of napier so much & all the good times I had there..


have you ever thought abit too hard?

when you start thinking,
"why are we on Earth?"
"what is our purpose here?"
"is there more to life than just living and dying?"

just the thought of thinking that we are only on earth just to live our lives, then just die, and thats it, it makes life seem pointless. and thats why i cant believe it.

god has a plan for each and every one of us. he knows whats instore for us and he watches and guides us as we go. surely we don't just die, and then thats it. we just lay in our coffins, slowly rotting away.

that cant be right.

we shouldnt be afraid of death, we should be excited to have a new adventure outside of our lifetime on earth. i mean yes, we should cherish and make the most of our time on earth, but who knows? after we pass away, we could go on to a whole new exsistence, some place else.

i guess thats just something to think about...

to that special someone.

You are uncontrollable.

You go from guy to guy, (sometimes more than one guy at once) getting used by each and every one of them. Flirting with every guy in sight, including the guys that your girl friends like. Pretending like it’s a big shock when people start to hate you and you lose more and more friends.

You aren’t that thick.

You know exactly what you are doing. You have created such a bad name for yourself. People don’t know you by your name, they know you as “the girl who gets around”. The girl who will let any guy in her pants, no strings attached.
You should be ashamed of yourself. You must not have a single bit of respect for yourself.

It’s just disgusting.

I have no idea how you still have friends.