31 July 2009


first sober weekend in like a milli months!
its 6.41pm on Friday night;
and im already on my deathbed O:

30 July 2009


im on my ulti deathy atm.

28 July 2009


Tell me why everytime something so good is happening to me, and I begin to come to terms with my new blessing, I feel like its just snatched away from me, like I dont deserve it.

Tell me why guys can just say so much BULLSHIT and not mean a word of it.
Tell me why he thinks he can go from one girl to another, and still expect for me to wait around for him.

Why the fuck should I wait around for someone, who is just going to fuck me over in the end?

Sometimes he makes me just want to give up on love.


Now I think about it,
He doesnt deserve me, or my love.

27 July 2009


Lord, take away my fear , my guilt and my jealou y.
Take away my insecurities and let me trust him , and love him the way he deserves.

23 July 2009


I love Life;
& I love you.

20 July 2009

20 July 09

First day back at school& suprising Im still alive (;
It wasnt even that bad!
All the teachers gave us quick run-downs on whats happenin' this term;
Made me realise Im gunna need to actually work hard :O


16 July 2009


So lemme get this straight.
Being honest about how you feel to someone makes you a bad person and a so called "bitch" but not saying a word while still resenting the person you say is so precious to you is the right thing to do..?


we havent actually spoke recently, but since you have ended some of your other friendships with people who are close to me, you have assumed our friendship has come to an end too; which i suppose it has :/ i dont know whether to be guttered or happy. i guess i'll just let it be.


things have been said and done;
and we are all moving on from here,
but what gets me is how some people seem to think its algood to get involved and put their two cents in.. acting like we are bad people, when one - its not their business and two, they dont know the story.

14 July 2009


this is all pretty f**ked up.

- howdidthishappen.

People change, its a natural part of life.

Eventually, everyone goes there own ways, yuhp - it sucks, but also its just a part of growing up and you have to learn adapt to change. You might not always change for the best, or it might seem like that, but in the end, everything ends up sorting itself out and fitting into place.

I guess sometimes, we just need to accept the change and move on.

-- fuckitalltbhlolzomggtfo.

14 July 09

Wow. These holidays have turned out, not even close to how I expected!
But the weirdest day of all would have to be Saturday.

It was meant to be a night when, for once, all us babes were togethz & and now,
I couldnt feel any more apart :/

5 July 2009


Everything seems so different lately =/
And I dont know why.