24 March 2009

-- 01234.

Im in full on ily with you.
We have been friends for
like, soo many years, but only in
the last couple of years have we
become lovers [; I cant and dont
want to imagine life without you,
I have gotten to the point where
if I dont see you for more than a
week, Im near death :o You make
me laugh and lard so badly and
I hope we stay close friends fo' life!
You make me LMAO.
You are fully one of the most
talented people I know.
The things you can do with your
face, and the noises you can make,
are fully out of this world.
You freakin light up my life and give
me a reason to live. I have had so
many funny times with you and
I know there will be many more
to come! I love you so much, and remember,
CC but Amber Can [;
You are such a babe!
You are so bloody beautiful,
I hope you know that. You
are such an awesome singer and
a great screw, what more could I
want? You and me arent very close atm,
but I hope over the years we grow
to be more than just booty calls, and one
day even a civil union may be on the
cards [; You are such and alky and a
stoned keeent but i still love ya!
You are such a dork!
You say the silliest things sometimes,
and I know I can be pretty mean to
you but I know you still love me.
You are such a babe and Im only
joking when I say you have ADD!
I know we arent BFF's or anything,
but I still count you as one of my good as
mates and I think one day we will be
closer friends. We need to hangout more
fo' sho and def. do some more sleepovers.
Im sorry if I am a bitch to you, I dont try to be!
I know your just a very.. unique person [;

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