23 March 2009


Monday 23 March O9

Happy Birthday Whitnall [:

Today, was a good day.
Apart from it being like, -100 degrees. seriously!

Ive been thinkin heaps about gettin my lisence.. Im pretty keen aye, buh I've got a whole month & abit til my bday so.. I gotta waiiittt! Buh I've been readin abit about the road code & shit like that..

Thinking about This Weekend.

Theres no like, hardout plan or anythin. Jus think a group of us girls are going to movie in the park - ( does even know if its on ) Hope it is like, on!

Birthday soon, kinda ;)

Pretty keen as for the big 15.
Keen to have a party/drinks.
Meant to be having a joint party with Soph buh its turnin into be a big drama with her parents :/ So not too sure about it atm.

Im sure it will be sweet as thou!

Keen fo' ...

Hmm, that special boy? ;)
Lets jus see what happens there aiiggghhtt!


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