25 November 2009


i have come to a point in my life, where i have realised my mistakes, and have finally decided to learn from them. i am changing the way i think, and act. for my own benefit, and not for anyone elses. i dont care who cares, what people say or how people react, it is my life and my choices. i beleive i can do it, i do not need you're support or encouragement, or even your petty little digs at me, because im "not gunna do it". suck my balls for all i care. from now on, things are changing, and to be honest, i can't wait.

18 November 2009

i love alicia grace ward.

16 November 2009


So here I am, November 16 2009.
This is my 5682nd day alive on this earth.
And to this day, my life has been amazing.
I have done so many different things in my life, some good, some bad. I've made some big mistakes and done things that I regret, but I have accepted them and I have moved on. I have made friends that I've grown to love and lost friends that made me cry. I have fallen for a small number of guys, and yeah, most of them have let me down. I still have someone in my life that I think about everyday and I think of letting him go as one of my worst desicions. I have never let anyone control me, and I have never let a boy change me and I plan to keep it that way. I may have done things that have disapointed the people I love, but I have also made them so proud. I have worked hard, tried my best and gained success. I'll admit that I've also slacked off, not given a damn about things and failed but I have learnt from my failures. I have laughed, cried and had my breath taken away. I've learnt how to tell a true friend, and I've made sure I havent let any of them go. And for those people, who I have mistaken for my friends, the ones who have hurt me, I hope you grow up one day, and realise your actions. I've learnt to look on the bright side of life and not to stress the little things. I have grown up alot, become wiser and I have made goals for my future. So yeah, you might say I've changed, but its definantly for the better.

9 November 2009

You take me higher
Than I've ever been before
Baby don't let go
Cos you take me away
Baby see my love
Is for you and only you baby
You take me to a better place.


Cant wait to start clubbing!

5 November 2009

. rage

You never stop do ya?
You were my "so-called best friend" but then you seem to do everything you can to ruin the things that make me happy. Even when you knew how I felt. Makes me wonder, are you that much of a fucking bitch, or are you that much of a jealous fucking bitch?!




You're actions
are just starting
to make me realise,
You were never really my friend.

3 November 2009


Im really happy with how things went today :)
Hope it stays this way!

2 November 2009


And how does he get brought into everything?


So, why does it seem like you don't care..
Wait, when have you ever seemed to care?

1 November 2009


My my, how things have changed.
We've all changed so much, without realising it, and I'm only starting to notice that this is how things are gonna be from now on, theres no going back. We aren't ever going to be children again, and we have all definitly stopped acting like we are. We don't enjoy the simple things in life, like climbing trees or playing with marbles. We don't make the most of the world around us and we certainly don't treat our parents like we used to. We used to wish we were older, and try to be "grown up" so bad and now that we are finally getting there, its not all it cracked up to be.

I miss how things used to be.
Carefree and simple, yes please!


I don't think I'm destined to have a boyfriend, ever again.


Often we say goodbye to the person we love without wanting to. Though that doesnt mean we've stopped loving them or we've stopped caring about them. Sometimes goodbye is a painful way to say..
I love you.