24 March 2009

-- 05678

You are a BABE!
Gosh, I dont know if I rubbed
off on you, or you rubbed off on me,
but all I know is you and me are
total BABES when we are together.
The * hot * voices and the lovely
facials we do, have just grown to
be part of our everyday lives. You
are so gorgeous my darling and I know
you know it! We have actually known eachother
fo' ages as now, but we have only been tight since
College, but Im glad we became better mates..I mean
better men [; I think you are someone who
I will be mates for life with, well I hope!
You are so sweet!
You are such a sweety, I never hear you
talk shit or bitch about anyone :o Apart from CERTAIN
scene kids -ahem DROPDEADKIDS- [;
You are such a good artist and I hear a very good
singer too! You are so pretty hun, and I hope you
know that. I am glad we are becoming better mates
cos I really like you and I hope you like me too!
You laugh so easily and it is always fun to be with you.
LuFf YeW HeApS [;
Your so scene [;
Haha kidding love, you are a straight
M-TOWN GANGSTER. You are such a
expert when it comes to pulling faces
and creeping me out over MSN. I miss seeing you
at school and in the weekends! You are
actually a really smart girl, and I sometimes
wonder why someone as switched on as you
makes so many silly choices, but its your life,
I aint gonna tell you how to live it! [:
I hope you stay safe and dont go forgetting
us Upper Hutt babes!
I love you already!
I know we havent hung out much but
the times we have, I have enjoyed alot [:
You are such a crack up
and you have such cool hair!
You take the babest pictures when your drunk and
you are always up for a good time!
I hope we become even better mates and
start hanging out alot more!

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