9 March 2009

to that special someone.

You are uncontrollable.

You go from guy to guy, (sometimes more than one guy at once) getting used by each and every one of them. Flirting with every guy in sight, including the guys that your girl friends like. Pretending like it’s a big shock when people start to hate you and you lose more and more friends.

You aren’t that thick.

You know exactly what you are doing. You have created such a bad name for yourself. People don’t know you by your name, they know you as “the girl who gets around”. The girl who will let any guy in her pants, no strings attached.
You should be ashamed of yourself. You must not have a single bit of respect for yourself.

It’s just disgusting.

I have no idea how you still have friends.


  1. AHAHHAHAHHA that secial someone more like that tranny littel slut that we all unforcinantly know.