9 March 2009


have you ever thought abit too hard?

when you start thinking,
"why are we on Earth?"
"what is our purpose here?"
"is there more to life than just living and dying?"

just the thought of thinking that we are only on earth just to live our lives, then just die, and thats it, it makes life seem pointless. and thats why i cant believe it.

god has a plan for each and every one of us. he knows whats instore for us and he watches and guides us as we go. surely we don't just die, and then thats it. we just lay in our coffins, slowly rotting away.

that cant be right.

we shouldnt be afraid of death, we should be excited to have a new adventure outside of our lifetime on earth. i mean yes, we should cherish and make the most of our time on earth, but who knows? after we pass away, we could go on to a whole new exsistence, some place else.

i guess thats just something to think about...


  1. this pretty much brought tears to my eyes!
    good stuff babe.