24 March 2009

-- woosah.

One Last Love
I dont think you know, just how much I love you.

We have been through too much to give up on our friendship. Ive seen you cry, you've seen me cry. We've laughed, we've smoked and we've drunk. We have had our fights and we have had our great times.

I remember the first time I laid eyes on you. I thought
"I've gotta tap that shit"
And I set out to get to know you...
I added you on bebo, and we started talking from then. I got your number, and then we startetexting. I dont know why, or how but you ended up at my house.
I remember you were giving me shit about something while I was cooking, so I decided to burn it to get you back. You still ate it, but Im sure you hated it lol!
From then on, we started hanging out more and more. Every chance you could, you would come over and we would hangout and you started staying the night here so much! We were becoming best mates [:
By this time, last year, we were best friends and I could tell you anything. I could always go to you when I was down and you could do the same with me.
I dont really know what happened, maybs its cos you left school or maybs we just faded apart.. but slowly, it happened.

Now, we barely see eachother. I dont know if you think you are too cool or you just dont care anymore but, I hope you know how much losing you has hurt me. All then nights I've spent, crying when I think about our old times.. Texting you and waiting for your reply, that never comes.. Callling you, but no-ones home...

Everytime I see you makes me so happy, and the hardest part is seeing you walk away..

Just so you know, I will always be here for you. I will always love you.
And I promise you this.

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