24 March 2009

-- my other love.


the laughs, the photos and the stuff we just cant remember.
my life, would suck, without you (;
woah, like we were saying the other day, its almost been 3 years now . man, how time flys :o

i remember when we first met, back in year 9, we didnt know eachother, and if it wasnt for that night that you and amy came to stay, we might not of even got to know eachother! so thank god for that night :)

after that night, you prettymuch moved in here lol! we would stay up all night and then say we were gonna do something the next day, but we just ended up sleeping in until like 1pm, then we'd just end up doing nothing til nightime again haha!

we have had so many funny and great times together. and so many we cant even remember. i got you into so many dodgy things, but im sure you love me for it! [; haha.. we have gone away together, got wasted together and even had the police involved while we were together!

i can tell you anything, cos i know you wont judge me or go tell anyone and i always go to you with all my boy troubles! i hope you feel the same way about me (:

i just want to thank you so much for being my best friend over these years and putting up with all the bad things ive done and shared all the good times with me!

always remember,


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