1 March 2010


life in the past year has been unbelievable. i have just had a talk &a reminise about it& now i am seriously drained. emotionally drained. the thought of what we went through last year makes me literally break down& cry. the poison in her soul& running through her makes me sick. words can't even explain how much i care about you& love you - i want nothing but the very best for you, because thats all you deserve. things are going to change, for the better.
its a promise.

11 January 2010

time to grow up, cos we should of by now.
time to live up, cos life aint never gonna be long enough
&time to rise up, be better, wiser &gooo hard!

8 January 2010

baby I'm down down down down down.

28 December 2009


its time for this to end, for good.


i did it. i tried. put it out there. on the line.
what happens now?

27 December 2009

you're meant to go with your gut instinct right?
you've given me no reason to distrust you, yet that bit of me inside doubts every word you say.
gut instinct aye?


fuck this fuck you fuck us fuck trying fuck it all.
why. why. WHY?
never justify yourself by other peoples actions.

25 November 2009


i have come to a point in my life, where i have realised my mistakes, and have finally decided to learn from them. i am changing the way i think, and act. for my own benefit, and not for anyone elses. i dont care who cares, what people say or how people react, it is my life and my choices. i beleive i can do it, i do not need you're support or encouragement, or even your petty little digs at me, because im "not gunna do it". suck my balls for all i care. from now on, things are changing, and to be honest, i can't wait.

18 November 2009

i love alicia grace ward.