14 July 2009

- howdidthishappen.

People change, its a natural part of life.

Eventually, everyone goes there own ways, yuhp - it sucks, but also its just a part of growing up and you have to learn adapt to change. You might not always change for the best, or it might seem like that, but in the end, everything ends up sorting itself out and fitting into place.

I guess sometimes, we just need to accept the change and move on.


  1. yeah allgood for posting this blog. it's true. but can you please stick to it? the blogs about me are doing nothing for you, alicia or lilly. i've moved on, i'm pretty sure i did that months ago. i think you guys need to do the same. because i know for a fact that people are getting pissed off at you for bitching about me, and i don't want to drag more people into this than needed.

  2. we are all sticking to it, and gutts if people are mad at us but we aint even "bitching" about you soo, sweet.

  3. thats hard to believe seeing as i've seen the texts. and you're basically saying that you dont care about anyone except for yourselves. "and gutts if people are mad at us" that's exactly whats pushing people away from you guys.

  4. i havent sent any texts about you. ell theres not much i can do about it since people wont listen to both sides of the story, so yeah, it is gutts for me! whatever Sarah idc what you think.