14 April 2009

what is this world coming too?

I just read one of the most disgusting things I've ever heard of.
It was an article on yet another case of Animal Abuse.

It actually made me sick to my stomach.
I think people who abuse animals, in any way or form, is completely sick. It is fucked up and totally disgusting. What kind of malicious and mentally disturbed person gets "thrills" or any form of entertainment from seeing defenceless and beautiful animals hurt? Who would want to see that? Why would you set your viscious dog or your raging fists onto another being? You need therapy if you think that is explainable behaviour. I think if you have abused, killed or hurt an animal in any way possible, you should be severe punishment. Not jail, no you should get what you did to that poor creature, done back to you. If you make your two pitbull terriers onto a puppy and let the puppy get totally ripped up, you deserve to get two vicious dogs attacking you. You must have something seriously wrong with you if you could even think of such putrid actions.
Animal abusers - you are sick.


  1. standing on ants and spiders dont count right? D:

  2. i am with you on this one babe.

  3. Lol ash, nope.
    (: Thanks kaits babe xo