27 April 2009

-- 27/04

In a way, parties are stupid.
I mean, girls spend hours picking out what to wear.
How to wear our hair and how to do our make-up.
We get all dolled up and spray on an excessive amout of perfum.
But for what?

By the end of the night...
Our make-up is smudged..
Hair is a mess..
The smell of alcohol and ciggarette smoke lingers around us...

We've lost our dignity.. and repsect

So why do we do it... ?


  1. addicting, exciting, funny.. idk.
    but i do know we're doing it all again this weekend! ;)

  2. I reacon its for reputation,

    like fucking muffin.

  3. cant wait babe ;)
    & scotty - its for the rip-utation ;)

  4. i didn't fuck muffin for the reputation at all -.-
    but this is true amber.