5 April 2009

people say.

People say, Dont judge a book by its cover.
But its easier said than done.

When you see someone walking down the street, you judge them. Even if you dont mean to, or want to, you sub-conciously do. Life is all about appearance, its only natural to judge someone on their outer shell.

In life, we all spend so long saying "dont judge me" and "dont label me" etc, but then we spend so much time judging people who don't fit our perception of "cool" or "normal". We spend our days saying we dont care what people think, but then we spend hours putting on make-up and doing our hair, shaving our legs and spraying fragances onto our bodies. Life is all about appearances, thats how you get what you want. How you make a statement and how you get attention.

I wish life wasn't so beauty controlled, but it is.
And all we can do is face the facts.

Life is about how you look.

But it doesnt mean that you should think you are only worthy if you are beautiful.
It means you have to work hard to get people to notice your own beauty.


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