5 April 2009


life is all about pretending.
i am not perfect.
i am imperfect.
i dont wake up looking good.
i dont have the perfect body.
i probably have cellulite.
i love reading.
i think too much.
i want to fall in love.
i fall for guys easily.
i like drinking.
i cannot stand liars.
i love doing my hair and make-up.
i have dreams.
i set myself goals.
i dont like to think about negative things.
i dont like people watching me write.
i want to find someone who wants to know everything about me.
i like asking questions.
i love writing,
i am selfless.
i feel like im always fixing other peoples problems.
i want someone to be interested in me, and what i have to say.
i cry in movies, alot.
i wish my family was closer.
i believe in myself.
i think i am talented.
Im sick of pretending.

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